Motul is a lubricant specialist with a history spanning more than 150 years! This rich heritage has allowed Motul to constantly modernise itself and climb to the vanguard of technology. The company enjoys worldwide repute and is unanimously recognised for the quality of its products, capacity to innovate and involvement in the world of competition.

TYRE OF THE YEAR AWARD: The Metzeler Roadtec Z8
At Metzeler most of the people are enthusiastic motorcycle riders themselves. This means that they know the real needs, the expectations and the request of the riders. Our customers are discerning and opt for the tyre for their bike which gives them the best performance, without sacrificing safety and reliability. We keep this in mind when we are working to fulfil the needs of the real motorcyclist. Metzeler has manufactured motorcycle tyres since 1892 and our history goes hand in hand with the history of the motorcycle.
From the use of new materials and the development of innovative tread designs, to the introduction of advanced rubber compounds, the German brand is always at the forefront of technical development


SHOEI has been dedicated to the development of superior helmet technology since 1958. Shoei prides itself on being at the forefront of research, technology and product development. SHOEI manufactures all helmets (and all helmet parts) in Japan, even though manufacturing costs there have long since exceeded the level in many European countries.

All RK Sealed chains feature heat treated hi-carbon alloy steel components, giving unrivalled wear life. Seamless rollers that allow the chain to run freely between the teeth of the sprocket and reduce chain vibration and shouldered bushings allow the patented XW seal
to retain 72% more lubricant than an old timer O-ring seal. All RK seals are made from an advanced Nitrile Butadiene composite for maximum performance and wear life. All RK sealed-ring Chains come with RK's exclusive 20,000 mile warranty.